In that the 107 Michigan State Parks in our event are located throughout the state we are seeking AR Clubs to act as host clubs for the parks local to them. Most parks will be subject to activation for only one event year. At least one park in each region will be active for all three years of the event as follows:
  • All 24 UP Parks
  • Belle Isle State Park
  • Hartwick Pines State Park
  • Interlochen State Park
  • Fort Custer Recreation Area.
These parks will require a three year commitment. The remaining parks are a one year commitment only. Host Clubs have four primary duties:
  1. Act as liaisons to the park manager, supervisor and lead ranger for MSPOTA As you observe activations on the on-line scheduler/log check in with the park staff to assure that activations are going well and address any issues to MSPOTA.
  2. Build relationships with the Park staff and be the Ambassadors to Amateur Radio to the park. MSPOTA is the building block for integrating and promoting ham radio with the DNR and its customers. The DNR Parks & Recreation Division is actively seeking ways to develop our mutual relationship.
  3. Assure that the activator kits, to be stationed at the park offices, are kept stocked. This will involve watching the on-line activator schedule/log and visiting the park as needed to make sure the kits are complete. Kits will contain supplies for multiple activations. You will be able to make copies as needed at the park office.
  4. Manage paper QSLs for your assigned park. The DNR has agreed to print 500 custom QSLs for each park. SASE card requests will come into MSPOTA HQ. Card requests for your park will be forwarded, in bulk to your club along with appropriate logs and blank QSLs. You will be responsible for filling out the QSL with the activator’s call and then return mailing the cards in the supplied SASE. There may be some stuffing of MSPOTA sponsor materials in the envelopes involved as well. You may include info on your club on a QSL card sized insert if you so choose.
    • We have no idea how many paper QSL requests will come in for each park. Experience tells that it is about a 25% SASE request rate.
    • Should the 500 custom card limit be reached generic MSPOTA cards will be available for those who request them.
    • There is of course the built in delay for the receipt of SASE card request so expect that and plan accordingly. MSPOTA will deliver or ship cards to you inbulk, likely at the later part of the activation year for your park.
    • Like most QSL Bureaus this is a low pressure, as you can get it done program we suggest a winter season “QSL bee” to process the cards.
We are still finalizing some issues with the DNR as of this writing (12/24/2016) so we  may have some changes pending but this is the program in a nutshell. 73 Will Radtke, W8WDR Northern Michigan Amateur Radio Service Team PO Box 634, West Branch, MI 48661