We are pleased to announce the following parks are featured in 2019!
Park NamePark DesignatorRegion
Agate Falls Scenic SiteMSS100UP
Algonac State ParkMSP500SE
Aloha State ParkMSP300NE
Bald Mountain Recreation AreaMRA501SE
Baraga State ParkMSP101UP
Bass River Recreation AreaMRA400SW
Bay City Recreation AreaMRA301NE
Belle Isle State ParkMSP502SE
Bewabic State ParkMSP102UP
Bond Falls Scenic SiteMSS103UP
Brighton State Recreation AreaMRA503SE
Brimley State ParkMSP104UP
Burt Lake State ParkMSP302NE
Cambridge State Historic ParkMSP504SE
Charters Traverse City State ParkMSP200NW
Cheboygan State ParkMSP303NE
Clear Lake State ParkMSP304NE
Coldwater Lake State ParkMSP401SW
Craig Lake State ParkMSP105UP
Dodge 4 State ParkMSP505SE
Duck Lake State ParkMSP402SW
Father Marquette Memorial Scenic SiteMSS106UP
Fayette Historic State ParkMSP107UP
Fisherman’s Island State ParkMSP202NW
Fort Custer Recreation AreaMRA403SW
Fort Wilkins State Historic ParkMSP108UP
Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park – Comstock Park TrailheadMSP407SW
Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park – Kent CountyMSP406SW
Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park – Mecosta CountyMSP404SW
Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park – Montcalm CountyMSP405SW
Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park – Osceola CountyMSP204NW
Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park – Wexford CountyMSP203NW
Grand Haven State ParkMSP408SW
Grand Mere State ParkMSP409SW
Harrisville State ParkMSP305NE
Hart-Montague Trail State ParkMSP205NW
Hartwick Pines State ParkMSP306NE
Hayes State ParkMSP506SE
Highland Recreation AreaMRA507SE
Hoeft State ParkMSP307NE
Hoffmaster State ParkMSP410SW
Holland State ParkMSP411SW
Holly Recreation AreaMRA508SE
Indian Lake State ParkMSP109UP
Interlochen State ParkMSP206NW
Ionia Recreation AreaMRA509SE
Island Lake Recreation AreaMRA510SE
Kal-Haven Trail State Park – GoblesMSP412SW
Kal-Haven Trail State Park – KalamazooMSP413SW
Kal-Haven Trail State Park – South HavenMSP414SW
Lake Gogebic State ParkMSP110UP
Lake Hudson Recreation AreaMRA511SE
Lakelands Trail State ParkMSP512SE
Lakeport State ParkMSP513SE
Laughing Whitefish Falls State ParkMSP111UP
Leelanau State ParkMSP207NW
Lime Island Recreation AreaMRA112UP
Ludington State ParkMSP208NW
Maybury State ParkMSP514SE
McLain State ParkMSP113UP
Mears State ParkMSP209NW
Menominee River Recreation AreaMRA114UP
Meridian-Baseline State ParkMSP515SE
Metamora-Hadley Recreation AreaMRA516SE
Mitchell State ParkMSP210NW
Muskallonge State ParkMSP115UP
Muskegon State ParkMSP415SW
Negwegon State ParkMSP310NE
Newaygo State ParkMSP211NW
North Higgins Lake State ParkMSP311NE
Onaway State ParkMSP312NE
Orchard Beach State ParkMSP212NW
Ortonville Recreation AreaMRA517SE
Otsego Lake State ParkMSP313NE
Palms Book State ParkMSP116UP
Petoskey State ParkMSP213NW
Pinckney Recreation AreaMRA518SE
Pontiac Lake Recreation AreaMRA519SE
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State ParkMSP117UP
Port Crescent State ParkMSP314NE
Proud Lake Recreation AreaMRA520SE
Rifle River Recreation AreaMRA315NE
Rockport Recreation AreaMRA316NE
Sanilac Petroglyphs State ParkMSP317NE
Saugatuck Dunes State ParkMSP416SW
Seven Lakes State ParkMSP521SE
Silver Lake State ParkMSP214NW
Sleeper State ParkMSP318NE
Sleepy Hollow State ParkMSP522SE
South Higgins Lake State ParkMSP319NE
Sterling State ParkMSP523SE
Straits State ParkMSP118UP
Sturgeon Point State ParkMSP320NE
Tahquamenon Falls State ParkMSP119UP
Tawas Point State ParkMSP321NE
Thompson’s Harbor State ParkMSP322NE
Tippy Dam Recreation AreaMRA215NW
Twin Lakes State ParkMSP120UP
UP State Fair Pocket ParkMPP001UP
Van Buren State ParkMSP417SW
Van Buren Trail State Park – HartfordMSP418SW
Van Buren Trail State Park – South HavenMSP419SW
Van Riper State ParkMSP121UP
Wagner Falls Scenic SiteMSS122UP
Warren Dunes State ParkMSP420SW
Warren Woods State ParkMSP421SW
Waterloo Recreation AreaMRA524SE
Watkins Lake State ParkMSP525SE
Wells State ParkMSP123UP
Wetzel Recreation AreaMRA526SE
Wilderness State ParkMSP216NW
William G Milliken State Park and HarborMSP527SE
Wilson State ParkMSP323NE
Yankee Springs Recreation AreaMRA422SW
Young State ParkMSP217NW