For the benefit of chasers wishing to look up QSL information the following is a list of all park activations and the operators.  
DateParkDesignatorActivatorTotal QSOs
20170513Agate Falls Scenic SiteMSS100W8MSC13
20170513Bond Falls Scenic SiteMSS103W8MSC10
20170513Cambridge State Historic ParkMSP504KG8P25
20170512Wagner Falls Scenic SiteMSS122W8MSC13
20170507Fort Custer Recreation AreaMRA403W8DF65
20170506Fort Custer Recreation AreaMRA403W8DF46
20170506Waterloo Recreation AreaMRA524W8WDW14
20170503Bass River Recreation AreaMRA400N8XX30
20170426Ionia Recreation AreaMRA509N8XX22
20170419Father Marquette Memorial Scenic SiteMSS106W8KEC10
20170419Father Marquette Memorial Scenic SiteMSS106WZ8C10
20170419Straits State ParkMSP118W8KEC10
20170419Straits State ParkMSP118WZ8C10
20170419Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park – Osceola CountyMSP204K8XX28
20170415Sleepy Hollow State ParkMSP522KG8P36
20170412Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park – Mecosta CountyMSP404N8XX19
20170410Port Crescent State ParkMSP314K8VOX4
20170410Port Crescent State ParkMSP314W8TAM55
20170409Port Crescent State ParkMSP314K8VOX10
20170409Kal-Haven Trail State Park – South HavenMSP414AA8CH1
20170409Island Lake Recreation AreaMRA510W8KEC10
20170409Island Lake Recreation AreaMRA510W8MSC1
20170409Island Lake Recreation AreaMRA510WZ8C10
20170408Island Lake Recreation AreaMRA510K8VOX42
20170408Island Lake Recreation AreaMRA510W8TAM36
20170406Kal-Haven Trail State Park – South HavenMSP414AA8CH1
20170404Fort Custer Recreation AreaMRA403K8VOX31
20170404Fort Custer Recreation AreaMRA403W8TAM16
20170403Highland Recreation AreaMRA507K8VOX18
20170403Highland Recreation AreaMRA507W8TAM16
20170402Rifle River Recreation AreaMRA315W8KEC10
20170402Rifle River Recreation AreaMRA315WZ8C10
20170402Sleepy Hollow State ParkMSP522K8VOX11
20170402Sleepy Hollow State ParkMSP522W8TAM46
20170401Charters Traverse City State ParkMSP200W8KEC10
20170401Charters Traverse City State ParkMSP200WZ8C25
20170401Interlochen State ParkMSP206W8KEC10
20170401Interlochen State ParkMSP206WZ8C10
20170401Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park – Kent CountyMSP406N8XX12
20170401Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park – Kent CountyMSP406W8QZ6
20170401Brighton State Recreation AreaMRA503K8VOX14
20170401Brighton State Recreation AreaMRA503W8TAM1
20170401Ionia Recreation AreaMRA509K8YE50
20170401Ionia Recreation AreaMRA509NY8T84
20170401Island Lake Recreation AreaMRA510W8MSC71
20170401Waterloo Recreation AreaMRA524K8VOX58
20170401Waterloo Recreation AreaMRA524W8TAM13
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