The Uploads Page will allow uploads of ADIF log files once MSPOTA is active.

Please email your activation log file within 30 days.  Special arrangements may be made for those travelling or otherwise unable to access the internet.

Please email your ADIF file, along with the park designator to mspotaTech (at)

Please give a day or two for us to process your file.

MSPOTA Log processing will accept your well-formed ADIF file. Currently the system can parse the following:

70cm, 2M; 6M to 160M

  • CW
  • Phone (AM,FM,SSB,USB,LSB)
  • Digital (FT8,JT9,JT65,MFSK16, PSK31,PSK63,PSK125,RTTY)
  If your activation was any other phone or data mode not listed above, please make note in your email and we will do our best to add additional modes to the logging system. You may also note power level (qrp, 100 watts, etc), rig, antenna, or any other interesting details. Thanks MSPOTA Admin Team